Perspective as an industry evolves

Thank you for joining me. The observations expressed here are my own and are not representative of past or present employers.

Like most legacy journalists, I see in the First Amendment a priority consistent with the Founding Fathers’ vision of a free America, where unfettered access to information is the mother’s milk of republican government. In these seemingly post-factual times it is more essential than ever to recognize its status as the first of our constitutional protections.  A government without newspapers or newspapers without a government? Jefferson – no absolutist on press rights – preferred the latter.

I have worked in a host of positions during a three-decade media career. The journey from sports to local and national news, features and now business at Newsday in New York has given me a perspective on the media you might find compelling. The news media is undergoing its most significant transformation, some say, since Gutenberg. I will try to add some perspective on that transformation both for you and the students I advise at Vaughn College in Queens.

Technological developments have redefined the industry, but the fundamental principles of news gathering remain as they were in the adolescent days of the republic. The Founders gave us a great gift in the First Amendment: Let’s reward them with journalism that is rooted in fairness, honesty and respect for the diversity of the human experience.

“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.” – Arthur Miller


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